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Worried about Marketing?
Confused about getting online?
Wondering how to keep records?
Struggling with Social Media?

Get Real Results From Real Entrepreneurs With Real Businesses...

We'll Show You Exactly How

With our experience and proven strategies, we'll take you from A-Z with your business plan and you'll leave with a new sense of direction and focus.

Invest £295 for your seat and we'll give you over £500 of free gifts vouchers and discounts for you and for your business.

Possibly the best investment you'll make in your business all year!

FACT: Our economy is suffering and 2012 has been another tough year for business and career opportunities alike. But its not all bad news. Opportunities for new business and growing businesses have never been higher. Some of the worlds most successful companies were built during world recessions. This is your chance to be one of the businesses that's thriving.

"The future lies in the hands of entrepreneurs"
Will Hutton

What many people don't know is you can easily build and grow a business in this type of economy and make it a real success. You just need the right direction, coaching and knowledge about where to focus your efforts and time.

So, what should YOU be concentrating on?

Well, for any business, at any stage, there 7 KEY AREAS that you REALLY need to focus on to get ahead in today's economy.

  • Turning Your Idea Into A Reality
  • Creating A Valuable Product or Service
  • Your Business Plan
  • Establishing Your Brand
  • The Competition
  • Online Marketing & Promotional Strategy
  • Product Delivery and Engaging your customers

Right now, the timing is perfect.

Companies who won't evolve their business strategy or model are struggling and are offering their business services at rock bottom prices. You need to leverage this to achieve the results you are looking for.

Labour is cheaper than ever before and there are literally millions of people looking for jobs, which means that you can get the help you need for without having to spend a fortune.

There is growing demand for 'convenience' and 'tech' start ups. This means, anything that makes life easier for the customer will convert to a sale quicker in this economy. It also means some start ups get going for under £100!

If you're just starting out or have a great business idea then you really need to consider what market you are going into. Starting the RIGHT type of business the RIGHT way is essential for today's economy.

I am going to show you how you can get started, how you can take advantage of all of the above and leverage it to make the rest of 2012 and 2013 (and beyond) the most successful EVER for you and for your business.

My name is Caroline Baxter and I am the founder of 'Start Me In Business'. I have successfully launched and managed multiple businesses of my own for the past 15 years and was recently appointed as a SAGE Business expert.

My Kindle book 'Why Women Do It Better' went straight to number 3 on Amazon Kindle in the 'Small Business & Entrepreneurship' section and continues to inspire individuals to start their own business.

With experience starting and running successful businesses in the Motor Trade, Property, Coaching and Mentoring and my involvement in all types of my students businesses. I have real experience in the business world, I keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques and strategies and I help countless individuals and businesses make the change they need to succeed.
Just see what these people have to say about my coaching:
"Caroline is an amazing entrepreneur who effortlessly combines limitless enthusiasm, energy and knowledge in her craft. A totally self-taught business success, Caroline is well placed to take any fledgling start-up and ensure they have all the right foundations in place for a rapid growth. I highly endorse her quality and integrity, as I have personally seen the results with numerous coaching students of hers. All of them, have the same story in common. They start a business, struggle for a long long time, find their way to Caroline, and then gain the upmost clarity in their work within days of working with her. It's rare to find someone who can produce such results, so quickly, and if your serious about your own business success, I highly recommend you come down to her next seminar event. You will be blown away by her content and simple strategies, which you wil not only be able to implement straight away, but also achieve instant results"

Sanjib Mukherjee - www.MyWisdomClub.com
"Caroline's business coaching is absolutely needed for anyone in any kind of business! Caroline has been there for us in the good and 'scary' times of our business growth and this is something that is priceless at any stage of business development. We know that we can always count on Caroline's wisdom, trust and time. Thanks Caroline."

Natasha Dowling -www.web2mobile.org
"I have known and worked with Caroline for the past 2 years. Her entrepreneurial skills are second to none. I highly recommend her coaching and planning sessions to anyone looking to transform their business ideas into reality."

Zed Shah - www.livelifeonline.tv
"Caroline's business strategies are absolutely priceless! Her ability to instantly create a financial strategy to grow an existing business is a rare and genuine talent.Anytime I'm looking to implement a new business idea from scratch or take an existing business to the next level then Caroline is my go to person!"

Maz Matin - www.mazmatin.com
"Caroline has been instrumental in designing the take off of my business. Moving from a one man business into creating a business that can scale and truly leverage my own skills. Caroline has an innate ability to find a solution where one was not obvious. Caroline will find a solution without any fuss and get to the point immediately. If I had been exposed to Caroline's skills in building a business 12 months before I would have saved thousands on resourcing costs and months in getting the business operational. If you have a business and know deep down that you have something that can grow. I strongly recommend you speak to caroline. She will tell you "the what" and "the how" and support you in getting it implemented."

Andy Whitehead - www.digital2recruit.com
"Caroline, with her business experience and golden heart can't help but propel you towards making money and the right direction for your business. Work hard and she will get you there. From online to offline, she knows her stuff!"

Damien Sayer - www.nakedjuicer.com

"The person who knows how will always have a job.
But the person who knows why will be his boss"
Carl C. Wood

Join Us At The: Prestigious Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK
For Our 'Start Me In Business Interactive Workshop'.
Live Training For Planning Starting Or Growing Your Business
On the 17th November 10am - 6pm in London, UK..


An ultra convenient location: In the heart of theatre land and surrounded by the buzz of Covent Garden
Address: 61 - 65 Great Queen Street, London,
England, WC2B 5DA

Ben Hulme: Ben Hulme is the founder of Scaleogy.com a website dedicated to fusing success, lifestyle and luxury. He is a serial entrepreneur and has several successful businesses in multiple industries including; consultancy, apps and web design. He is a very passionate, knowledgeable and outgoing entrepreneur who is focussed on producing massive results. Ben is going to show you how you can SCALE Your Business.
Social Diva: Social Diva Ltd is a Social Media & Online marketing consultancy. Working with you to plan a winning marketing strategy and create a tailored solution for entrepreneurs & companies to bring their business online. They have helped people on an international scale to boost their brand, leads and sales. Carly Taylor & Sarah Bradden founded Social Diva ltd in 2011. Social Diva are going to show you how you can build a social marketing strategy.
Mystery Speaker: To be announced.
Mystery Speaker: To be announced.

It's an entire day where YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are our primary focus.

Are you fed up networking, attending events and business shows and coming out more confused and overwhelmed than ever? Have you been to scores of business 'events' - lots of being spoken AT, being pitched TO, hours of boredom (yawn!) while you watch a stranger strut on a stage telling you how they do things.

Are you sick of being told you need to write a business plan, you need to map out your marketing strategies, you need a social strategy - but don't have a clue where or how to start?

Well, the Start Me In Business Training workshop is here to change that forever.

This workshop is designed with you in mind. We have developed the perfect way to get YOU and YOUR BUSINESS in the spotlight. We'll guide you through the business maze and tailor our training and content to your needs...LIVE

Are You Ready?

Imagine. After just 8 hours, you will walk away with your business strategy all mapped out. Everything will be clear.

Not only that, but you will take away with you your very own INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED blueprint, in a neat and tidy workbook covering all the topics we have discussed. Plans that fit your business, perfectly.

  • My Ticket to The Start Me In Business Workshop
  • Training at the Luxurious Grand Connaught Rooms
  • FREE Lunch and Refreshments all day
  • My Copy of The Business Blueprint Hand book
  • 8 Hours Live, Intensive Business Training
  • Expert Training and Advice
  • FREE Business Planning Tools
  • Multiple Q&A Sessions
  • Access to Secret Tools Of The Trade
  • ALL The Free Bonus Gifts As Promised


Attend Our Interactive Workshop 17th November 2012
At The Grand Connaught Rooms
Limited Seat Availability So Secure Yours NOW




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£295 after 5th November Limited Availability


Still Unsure?

We know just how difficult starting a business can be, and how precious funds are to help your company grow, so we're offering you this amazing guarantee.

Invest £295 in your business today and we'll give you at minimum of £500 worth of freebies and goodies for your business when you join us!

So here's your first task; Do the math. Can you really afford not to invest in your business right now?

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Caroline Baxter
Founder of Start Me In Business